Thursday, 9 November 2017

A Christmas Ghost Story

Who doesn't love a Christmas ghost story?

Probably the most famous and well-loved Christmas ghost story of all is Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'

I love Dickens and being Welsh share his passion for social reform. So much so I decided to write a modern adaptation (A Manhattan Ghost Story: A Christmas Carol Revisited) in honour of the great man. It was also an attempt to explore the social issues he might well have confronted were he still alive. His voice is needed today as much as it ever was. 

Although I can never hope to match his literary genius I could at least attempt to express  the concern and outrage he  would have felt living in the 21st Century.

This YouTube video trailer will give some idea of the issues set within the context of a Christmas ghost story. The video also includes an interview with Roy Noble and author Nigel Crowle when I appeared on Roy's Reads - a feature now sadly discontinued. It was a great platform for aspiring or self-published authors.

To my delight a staged adaptation of A Manhattan Ghost Story was performed by the New York City Bar Entertainment Committee at a charity event in Manhattan on 12th December 2012. I was delighted to receive this email from Francie Scanlon (Entertainment Secretary)

"Did you hear the applause in the middle of the Welsh night!We did!  Attention was paid to your singular contribution to tonight's Program.  It's wondrous how everything works out and still Life shall never be taken for granted.  Please e-mail me your mailing address - I want to post to you momentoes from the Program.  My best regards and deep appreciation for your considerable personal artistic expression."Francie Scanlon

It's not what you think!

If you're into Christmas ghost stories and want to purchase A Manhattan Ghost Story don't let me stop you - but that's not what this blog is all about.
I have discovered as an aspiring author that it's easier to find recognition abroad than in the UK - especially Wales. The market for my educational products is almost exclusively in the US. I Brexited years ago!
In my experience Wales is, to a great extent, a closed shop, for new and aspiring authors. 
We need to help ourselves and each other.


There are many talented writers in Wales.
  • Some aspire to become full-time authors.
  • Some enjoy self publishing as a hobby.
  • Some would like help with the process.
  • Every writer wants a platform for their writing.
For years I've run kindleauthors.blogspot and featured many self published authors and their books. (Click on the link to read one of the more technical posts).
At one point I collaborated with Ceri Shaw ( to produce a bi-annual anthology.  
Sadly ETO appears to have hit the buffers. 
That is why I am creating as a home for self published and aspiring writers who are Welsh, based in Wales, have Welsh roots or simply harbour a love of Wales and all things Welsh.

What Will Tales From Wales Offer?

  • A site that will feature you and your books.
  • A site from which you can sell direct if you wish.
  • A site that will offer help and advice via this blog - responding to your questions and requests.
  • A site that enable downloads of your free short stories or extracts to help you get noticed.
  • A community of aspiring and self published authors.
Unity is strength it's also good business sense.
Potential readers and customers are more likely to visit a site where there is plenty of choice. Think how take-aways cluster together in city centres.

If you want more information or just express your interest please email: will be fully functional very soon - FOLLOW to get the latest update.

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