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A Platform for Welsh Authors - OR - Authors with a Heart for Wales.

   Do you tick any of these boxes? 
  • A self published Welsh writer.
  • A self published writer living in Wales.
  • A self published writer living anywhere on the planet with a heart for Wales.
  • An aspiring writer who falls into any of the above categories.
If so then this blog has been written specifically for you.
The question you are probably asking is WHY?


To give fellow aspiring and self published writers a helping hand - however small.
It's something I did with another blog - Kindle Authors
Here's a sample of some posts:

I feel there is a specific need for writers based in Wales as my experience has been quite negative to date. The established literary scene appears something of a closed shop. Even if you are published by one of the established Welsh publishing houses there is little done in the way of marketing. It comes as a shock to many aspiring authors that the majority of promotion for their book rests with them. This blog will attempt to help writers get to grips with promoting their work.
The situation was brought into sharp focus by Welsh author Julian Ruck in his article:
When I approached the magazine that claims to be the foremost literary magazine in Wales and asked them would they review my novel the response I received was, "It doesn't sound like my cup of tea". I pointed out to the editor that as the publication was heavily subsidised by the Welsh Arts Council was it not incumbent upon her to at least read the book before passing judgement. I received no further response.

In 2013 Ceri Shaw (, Gabriel Becket and I launched ETO, a bi-annual anthology entitled ETO for, I quote:

". . . writers who are Welsh, based in Wales, have Welsh roots or simply harbour a love of Wales and all things Welsh."

I included a list of contributors to Volume 1 on a Kindle Author blog post though some of the links on the page have since been removed. "ETO: Birth of a Magazine"
We produced two publications but unfortunately the project has stalled. A shame because it really did offer a great platform. 

Several members of our local Tonypandy Writers Group had short stories included. They even got a mention in Wales Online. We have now started publishing our own anthologies, the first in memory of one of our founder members June Bacon.

I firmly believe we have to help ourselves and each other. So if you would like your book, and yourself, featured on this blog all you need do is contact
Once is fully up and running your books will also find a permanent home.
I am open to suggestions but here are mine:
  • a blog (talesfromwales) that will feature you and your books.
  • opportunities to provide guest posts
  • a website ( that will advertise your work and also house any free samples  such as short stories or book extracts
  • video trailers - this is a topic I will write about on the blog
  • audio samples and downloads
  • potential to sell you book from the site with links to Amazon, Smashwords etc
  • with your permission we could publish our own anthologies that would provide another platform for your work as with ETO
If you have any suggestions please email me at
Also I would like to know if there are any specific topics you would like me to blog about - or find an expert who can!

Although I assume this blog and website will be of most interest to Welsh writers there will undoubtedly, and hopefully, be exceptions.
Sarah Woodbury is a case in point.
I met Sarah in Portland, Oregon at Wordstock. You can read the post I wrote about it here:

Sarah Woodbury is an Oregon girl extremely proud of her Welsh ancestry and given the fact both her parents are historians it was almost inevitable that when she eventually succumbed to the writing bug her genre would be the historical novel. Fortunately her visit to Wales was to prove a catalyst in the context of her development as an author and consequently she has written a whole series of novels set in medieval Wales

Sarah is one of the new breed of authors who realises the importance of self promotion and has been extremely effective in using social media to get her books noticed. She has sold over 150,000 copies and has a following of loyal fans, including me! Sarah did not sit back and wait for an agent to ride by on a white horse and wave a shiny contract in her face. Her success has been down to hard work and a willingness to take responsibility for her own success. 

It's up to us to do the same.

The Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mysteries


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