Monday, 27 November 2017

Tales From Wales - We Have Lift Off!

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. 

Below is Mary Grand's Facebook Page header. Every author should have a Facebook Page. Click on the image to pay it a visit and give Mary a Like. I'll shut up now and let Mary introduce herself. 

"I was born in Cardiff and lived there until I left at eighteen. Wales is in my DNA. When I started to write it was natural to set my stories there.
For me the best thing about Wales is the people. I know it is difficult to generalise but in my experience people are willing to show their emotions, and the gentle, singing accents reflect an innate friendliness and warmth. When I first went to teach in London I remember thinking that a lot of people were angry with me, not because of what they said but because of the harshness of the tone!
At present I live on the Isle of Wight with my family and cocker spaniel Pepper .A few years ago I stopped teaching Deaf children and decided to write my first novel, “Free to Be Tegan”. This is the story of a young woman, Tegan, and her recovery from her upbringing in a psychologically abusive cult and set in the Cambrian Mountains.
I was very encouraged by the response to this novel and went on to write an anthology of short stories. After this I embarked on my next novel “Hidden Chapters”, set on Rhossili Bay, Gower. It is about Catrin who finally has to face early experiences in her life that she has tried to keep hidden. The story explores motherhood, adoption and family secrets."

Mary's Contact Details (Click on the text to visit)

Links to Mary's Books:


I hope no aspiring author is put off by this post. Mary is obviously a talented writer which helps! She is also social media savvy and uses all the tools at her disposal to get her work out there including video - a topic we'll look at in more detail in a future post. Tales From Wales intends supporting writers at any stage of their development - even if you're just thinking about writing something.

Hopefully Mary can share with us anything that she feels might help writers struggling to get their work out there. She has over one hundred positive reviews on Amazon and that's a considerable achievement in itself. 

One of the things I am looking forward to is getting to know established and emerging writers. When one of my former pupils, Paul Worthington, published his first collection of short stories I was almost as thrilled as him! One of the next authors to be featured is Chris Marchant while Will MacMillan Jones emailed me to say:
"I'll reply properly once I’m back from Sledge-lit 3 (Fantasy/Horror convention) in Derby, where I have a table and sponsor some panels."
This I have got to hear about!

Please remember this is a work in progress. The website is under construction. Just published a Facebook Page that's a little sparse at the moment and needs all the Likes and Shares it can get! I intend setting up a Twitter and a Pinterest account also. 

The next post will feature Chris Marchant and maybe an update from Will. We'll also consider the place of video trailers.
Please share and click all the Social Media Buttons!!!

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  1. Hi Phil, thank you so much for featuring my article,you are setting up such an exciting website, good luck x


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