Thursday, 22 February 2018

Tales From Wales Magazine Spring 2018 - Raising the Flag for Welsh Writers

Don't anyone accuse me of not being over dramatic. Still, the first issue of Tales From Wales hopefully marks a significant moment for the large number of Welsh writers, home and abroad, who have battled against the odds to get their work into print. That, primarily, is why Tales From Wales exists.

Support for the venture is growing at an encouraging pace. Discouraged and aspiring writers are emerging from the shadows of self doubt to declare their allegiance to the flag.

I think it's time to ditch the metaphor before it collapse under the strain. But the point is Tales From Wales is here for you. Yes, we want to include published and established authors to provide extracts from their books or the occasional short story but that equates to a win win situation for both parties.

Yes, some of the writing will be lacking in maturity.
Yes, some may lack quality.
Yes some may be unpolished.

BUT. . . 

. . . I feel sure some of the great writers look back at their initial scribblings and cringe. Writing is all about writing and rewriting. You simply have to keep on keeping on. Stephen King maintains his concept of the Muse is a guy in shirt sleeves slaving over a typewriter. If you keep on turning up so will he, eventually. And whether he does or doesn't the more you write (and read) the more you will improve. It's inevitable.

What most writers need, indeed what we all need in every area of life, is encouragement. It is like water in a dry land. It refreshes our spirit. There are more than enough discouragements and discouragers in life. Tales From Wales does not intend to add itself to the list. No matter what your aspirations with regard to writing, however lofty or humble they may be Tales From Wales is here for you. After all isn't writing something a reward in itself?

Tales From Wales Spring edition is out on March 1st. I have done my best to ensure it is professional and attractive enough to appeal to a wide audience. It cannot succeed without your support. All I can do is raise the flag. If you have not already done so please sign up for the Newsletter and you will receive a download link for your free Spring digital issue and all subsequent issues. These you are encouraged to share with whoever you please.

A print version of the magazine is available from Amazon at £6.99. This is as cheap as I could list it given it is a full colour publication. I assume the print copy will be mostly of interest to contributors. I have a copy and can honestly say I am delighted with the end result. The covers depicting the work of Oneill Meredith are stunning.

It is now up to you. Thanks to everyone from individuals and writing groups who have already pledged their support.


  1. Replacing the American flag with the Welsh flag in this WW2 photograph is extremely disrespectful and callously cold. Thousands upon thousands of Marines died on the island of Iwo Jima before that flag could be raised on Mount Suribachi. My father fought in Tarawa,Saipan, and the Iwo engagement and luckily survived but thousands didn't. I served in the Marines as well and find this not only insulting but offensive and slanderous. I wonder how many veterans are turning over in their graves, British and American.

    1. Sorry, you are correct but I'd imagine it was an unthinking mistake

  2. Wow, sorry but I totally disagree. We fought together in the war. My father, my uncles many of our friends died. This was not meant as a mark of disrespect rather an acknowledgement of an iconic image that to me represents all the struggles of every allied soldier in every battle fought before and since World War 2.
    However I am extremely sorry you find this disrespectful as that was certainly not the intention and therefore I will remove the image of the Welsh flag in deference to your feelings.


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