Sunday, 4 March 2018

Tales From Wales - No Turning Back!

The die has been cast and there's no turning back. Although we haven't crossed the Rubicon, in fact we haven't even got our feet wet, we have made a significant statement.
Heartfelt thanks to all the writers and artists who have made this first step possible. Perhaps it's time to remind ourselves why we are doing this. Tales From Wales and the magazine in particular have been created to allow the work of established and aspiring writers, self published or otherwise to be seen by a wider audience. 

This is not a commercial venture - nobody is getting paid. The magazine exists as a community venture for anyone who wants their work to be read, or seen, for whatever reason. That's why most of us write isn't it? 

To create an expanding readership the magazine has to look professional and create an impact. Thanks to the paintings of Oneill Meredith I believe we achieved this objective with the first issue. Sally Spedding, who incidentally provides a short story for the Summer edition, has described his work as 'haunting'. The more I explore the more I appreciate what an outstandingly creative nation we are. 

To date the digital edition of the magazine has been downloaded over 180 times. Not massive, but a substantial base to build on. What has been disappointing is that only 21 people have so far subscribed to the Newsletter through which future digital editions will be delivered. 

If all those people who expressed their support by 'Liking' the Facebook page were to subscribe then our subscriber base would be at least triple its size and my task would be a lot easier. A few print copies have been ordered but I assume they will be of more interest to contributors although they are worth it for the art work alone.  

There will be no turning back on my part but my only fear is running out of fuel!

All you authors, writers, artists and would be writers please take advantage of Tales From Wales to showcase your work, This includes writers with Welsh roots or links, however tenuous, wherever you live. The magazine has been downloaded more times in America than anywhere else!

The Spring Edition can be downloaded direct from this blog (top right sidebar) or the website (

Alternatively use and share this link with friends on social media: "If you didn't sign up and missed your copy of the first edition of Tales From Wales, here's a second chance. Just click the link for immediate download. Enjoy and share."

I would encourage everyone to sign up to the Newsletter (top right sidebar) to ensure you get the Summer, Autumn and Winter editions - what have you got to lose? You don't even have to worry about recycling.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and helped us get this far. Onwards and upwards!


  1. Hi. I thought I had signed up for this, but didn't see anything in my email today about it. I'm going to go ahead and use the link you've provided above to download the Spring edition, but I'm wondering going forward is there any way to find out if I am registered already, or should I simply register again? Thanks ever so much.

  2. I haven't yet read everything in its entirety, but I do want to make a point of saying how much I enjoyed Sheilah Lewis' story, and the excerpt from Elizabeth Jane Corbett's work. Both excellent stories and very well written. I'll have to pick up a copy of EJ's book so I can see how it all turns out. Thanks for this opportunity.

  3. Ydych chi'n derbyn storiau neu cerddoriaeth gan Americanwyr ynglyn a'u profiadiau yngh Nghymru?

    1. I'm trying to say: Do you accept stories or poetry from Americans about their experiences in Wales?


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