Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Tales From Wales - We're On Our Way

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
Lao Tzu
I wonder if Lao Tzu had the beach at Porth Ceiriad near Abersoch in mind? Well, if we took our first steps when we launched the magazine on March 1st there are quite a few of us who have made it to the beach already. 

To date 319 copies of the digital magazine have been downloaded. Maybe not a best seller just yet but a sound base on which to build. 

The Summer edition is almost ready for the printers oven and we are now accepting submissions for Autumn and Winter. If you have not got your hands on a free digital copy of the Spring issue yet grab it HERE

Those of us on the beach are a mixed bunch. We hail from far and wide, even  Australia - haven't they got their own beaches? 

There are the intermittent scribblers happy to languish in their deckchairs, in between writing the odd piece of flash fiction. Occasionally they shout encouragement to the more adventurous who have waded into the shallows to test the literary buoyancy of their poems and short stories. 
Then of course there are those hardy souls who have launched out into the deep, balancing confidently on their novels as they negotiate the waves and currents of capricious fortune, keeping a wary eye out for unscrupulous agents lurking beneath the surface.
Inevitably, peace is shattered by the arrival of an author powering past on the back of a series of books complete with a catchy tagline.

We all keep a wary eye out for anyone who may not in fact be actually waving. 

More will be joining us this Summer. Everyone is welcome. There's plenty of room on the beach and the sea is warm and inviting. What do you say? Life is a blank page. . . start writing on it.

Tales From Wales exists to help promote and showcase your writing. 
Don't be afraid to get in touch.
email: phil@talesfromwales.net

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