Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Writers, the BAD NEWS is. . .You Have to Fight Your Own Corner

From comments I've received from writers, published, self-published or otherwise it's obvious the vast majority feel they are on their own when it comes to 'getting their book out there'.
This is not something most aspiring authors want to hear. Surely once you've written that fantastic novel everyone will clamour to buy it? The sole purpose of this blog is to encourage writers but the cold hard facts are these:
According to Amazon(February 2016) only 40 self-published authors make money. (These figures relate to Kindle)
Before you ditch your laptop in despair let me clarify something. . . by 'make money' Amazon mean selling more than 1 million eBook copies in the last 5 years. Doesn't sound quite so bad now.
Hold on though, back in 2016 there were already 4 million titles in the Amazon Kindle store(New York Times.) If you publish on Kindle that's a lot of competition.
Even if you are the next Stephen King how do you stand out from the crowd?
There is no easy answer but one thing for sure you can't sit back and wait for something to happen.

The last thing most new writers 
want to do is spend time on something else like social media. It's hard enough staying focused as it is. But, let's look at this another way. 
What if, like the bestselling elite, you were writing for an audience in waiting. Wouldn't an expectant readership be a great incentive to stay focused and persevere? And that brings us right back to social media. You just have to try and embrace it.
In our Summer edition of Tales From Wales author Seamus Gallacher asks the question:
"Mister Author, why are you Blogging so much when you'should' be Writing?"
Seamus is a committed blogger and in the article he explains why. By January 2014 downloads of his novels had exceeded 70,000. Not too shabby eh? Perhaps he is someone worth listening to.
Some time back New Zealand author Jonathan Gunson wrote an article for Kindle Authors entitled:
"How to Attract Readers"
He advocated the systematic use of Twitter to garner a readership-in-waiting. You can read the article here:
Both writers urge other writers to employ the power of social media to create a readership for their books.
Well, perhaps not quite as drastic as that.
Don't try and dive into all the social media pools. 
Choose one that suits your personality and concentrate on mastering it
Don't go running around like a headless duck. I speak from experience. It nearly quacked me! There are, after all, quite a few to choose from.
Over the years I've accumulated quite a few 'How To' publications on using social media. Although written primarily as internet marketing guides they can easily be adapted as promotional tools for writers.
I intend making them available through our Tales From Wales Newsletter. Every fortnight I'll send out a new guide to subscribers. The first one will focus on Pinterest. Pinterest is user friendly and good fun, not too demanding time wise and growing in popularity. here are a few more waiting in the pipeline. 

You can subscribe via this blog or visit: 

It won't cost a penny so what have you got to lose?
It's your call.

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